My Vision

My services and years of experience in the design buisness combine for a truly seamless design experience. My residential projects spotlight rich hues, modern originality, sophisticated ease and contemporary creative solutions from start to finish.


Interior Design Services

My design services offer original concept design, selections, installation and delivery down to the last detail. I work with a team of trusted industry vendors, custom fabricators, and incredible wholesalers that fulfill. Elevating your space to reflect your personality let’s you enjoy unforgettable moments in your home for years to come.


Room Staging, Airbnb & Guest Spaces

My Staging services provides homeowners cost effective, creative solutions to transforming spaces for Airbnb and guests. This service is especially key for home owners preparing to put their homes on the market. With a strong background in the buisness of Real Estate I develop a flare for comfort, functionality and value like never before.


Custom Remodels & Architectural Additions

Experience a truly custom architectural and remodeling service that focuses on project management and problem solving. I meet your goals, define your space, and work with your aesthetic and budget. Optimize and update your home with my sustainable concepts. No space is too small or too limited— I envision and deliver on remodels and architectural additions so that you can feel the difference.

“‘Brilliant’ is a term tossed about rather casually these days but should only be legitimately applied to those whose creativity, talent and innovation leaves a lasting impression. Ellen Bauer is someone deserving of such notice.”